A is for Amaranth

Eat More Whole Grains!

We all know we should . . . and after 6 weeks of GF baking using mostly rice/tapioca/potato starches “Eating More Whole Grains” is an important part of my New Year’s path of Health through Good Food.

This morning I decided to have amaranth for breakfast.  (Technically not a “grain” but  just click on that link to all the nutrition info . . . it definitely counts in this category!)

First I tried popping it as recommended by Gluten-Free Girl.  Unfortunately, all that resulted was little pieces of amaranth flying all around my kitchen.  I probably should have watched this video from the Whole Grains Council first:

How to Pop Amaranth (with Kara!)

Next time I’ll try that!

Instead, after cleaning up the mess, I followed the directions on the Arrowhead Mills bag of Amaranth:

Arrowhead Mills Amaranth

Combine 1 part Amaranth and 3 parts cold water in a pan.  Simmer for 25 minutes.

What resulted was a creamy breakfast cereal reminiscent of the Wheatena/Malt-O-Meal I used to eat (long, long ago).  I stirred in some maple syrup and warm soy milk and am still feeling full hours later.  Even better, I know I got a breakfast high in fiber, protein, iron and many other nutrients.  (Unfortunately, I ate it without taking a picture first . . . SORRY! 🙂

For more on what to do with amaranth, check out http://www.versagrain.com/amaranth.html