Fat Tuesday

Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone!!

In honor of “Fat Tuesday” I planned a GF Pancake Dinner of Cranberry-Walnut GF Pancakes, bacon, and pan-fried potatoes (cooked in the bacon grease, of course 🙂

Well, at least the bacon and the potatoes were YUMMO!!


Unfortunately, I tried a new recipe for the pancakes.  And I should have followed my instincts when I saw the 2 teaspoons of xanthan gum AND 1/2 teaspoon of guar gum.  I checked the recipe I had tried previously (which was good, but bland) and saw that it used NO gums at all.  Then I checked another recipe and it used gum, but much less than 2-1/2 tsp (for less than 2 cups of flour).  Even so, I decided to try the recipe “as written” (which is usually recommended the first time you try a recipe).  Afterall, this recipe was from a popular cookbook by a popular GF blogger, not just some random recipe off the internet. BIG MISTAKE!!  The batter was so thick that it didn’t spread at all when it went in the pan.  I thought it was because I used walnuts and cranberries (instead of the recommended fruit compote), so I added some liquid.  But I ended up needing several CUPS of liquid (far more than should have been necessary to compensate for the fruit difference) before it was of a “normal” pancake batter consistency (and I like my pancake batter rather thick!).  I’m certain the problem was that the gums kept binding the batter together, despite the liquids.

I managed to cook three pancakes that were edible, but still rather gummy.   I tried making a few more pancakes to freeze, but decided it wasn’t worth the time and energy, so threw out the rest of the batter . . . what a waste of ingredients . . . at least it didn’t use lots of expensive flours (mostly tapioca flour) . . . but I went through most of a quart of soy milk trying to thin out the batter!

GF PancakesGF Pancakes

But, like I said, at least the bacon and potatoes were good!

And tomorrow Lent begins, which for me means trying to stick to more grains, fruits, and veggies . . . I’m thinking there may be lots of quinoa in my Lent this year 🙂



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  1. I can also now confirm that even 4 pancakes made with that much gum will keep me (and possibly others) up all night with severe indigestion . . . Seems best to use them in much smaller quantities or not at all.

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