Healing Food from Around the World

Apologies for the long gap between posts.  Still recovering from my “post-surgery incident”.  Still using yoga and food to help with that . . . and improving, slowly, but surely.

Last week I dined on my “Naked Fish Tacos” . . . which are basically pan-grilled fish coated in a chili powder rub served over rice and beans.  My favorite spicy bean recipe can be found here.  I topped it all with an avocado mayo that I mushed up.  Yum!  (These fish tacos are now a regular part of my menus and were inspired by the recipe here.)

Ethiopian Food Plate

For the past few days I’ve been wanting Ethiopian Food, so last night I whipped up Doro Wat (Chicken Stew), Mesir Wat (Spiced Lentils), and Spicy Green Beans (actually an Indian recipe, but reminds me of spiced green beans I used to get from an Ethiopian place).

Doro Wat (Chicken & Egg Stew)

Spicy Green Beans


I was reminded that in many cultures around the world, the signature dishes are already gluten-free, corn-free, and dairy-free.  I may not be able to travel to these places in person, but I can explore them through food.  I hope you will too!

[Guilty Admission:  I did cheat on my diet last night and ate store-bought injera bread, which in the US contains wheat and barley, rather than just teff.  I tried to make gluten-free injera, but was not successful.  Based on the bloating in my stomach after dinner, I’ll probably have the leftovers with rice instead . . . 🙁  ]


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